Utility rental: how to choose the right vehicle and the right formula?

For your work or any kind of travel, involving the transport of a certain volume, the rental of a utility is the best solution. On some dedicated sites, the service costs you only a few dozen euros depending on the duration of the rental and the type of vehicle. Indeed, the term "utility" combines a lot of car models. It remains to find the one that best suits your needs. Here are a few tips on the subject.

A utility depending on the type of project you want to do

Whether you are moving house, transporting heavy objects of all kinds, or moving for business purposes, utility companies can offer you different models adapted to all your needs. Of course, their rental is subject to the type of license you will have previously passed with your driving school.

A question of capacity

The most important thing to consider when choosing the right van to rent is its capacity. No matter how well organized you might be when arranging your van, if you don't choose a van with the right amount of space, you'll have a hard time getting around when you're moving your stuff.

On average, the rental companies of this kind of vehicle can offer you 4 wheels with a capacity of 3 m3 to 20 m3. And of course, the rental rate will vary as you go along. To put it simply, if you need to transport household appliances for example, a capacity of 1.04 m3 will be useful in the back of your van. If you are moving boxes and furniture, you will need at least 3.40 m3. For the removal of a two-room apartment, the ideal van will be 5 to 7 m3. And the more goods you need to transport, the larger the vehicle you will need.

However, in addition to the volume available in the van in question, you must pay attention to the robustness of the vehicle, especially if you have a large load to transport. Each utility vehicle must respect a total weight in charge. This is the maximum volume that it can support to drive properly on the road. This can vary if the vehicle is towed. The rental companies will be able to tell you more about this. 

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It all depends on the items you have to transport

But the choice of your van will also depend on the objects you have to transport and not only on their volume. For example, if you have goods that require specific packaging standards, refrigerated trucks are more suitable than simple vans.

If you are thinking of disposing of rubble after renovation or construction work, a dumpster will be necessary.

And generally, for property removals, individuals opt for vans or minivans. They are easier to fit out and safer.

A van for a business trip

For business trips, we recommend light commercial vehicles. They offer a volume of up to 3 m3. This is more than enough for the transport of your materials. It is besides the choice of the majority of the independent craftsmen in France.

A rental can be a good solution to continue your professional activity while waiting for the repair of your car for example.

Electric vans: why not?

And to do your part for the environment, you can always choose to rent electric vans. They are currently invading the market and some rental companies can offer them to you at more than interesting prices.

With this type of vehicle, you will not have to pay for fuel for your travels. However, be careful to compare the autonomy of the 4 wheels to be sure to succeed in your project. This is even more important if you are planning to move.

Pay attention to the terms and conditions of the rental vehicles

The companies specialized in the rental of utility vehicles in Bordeaux can offer you different rental formulas. A customized service that allows them to meet all your needs, while allowing you to minimize your expenses.

A day rental, or even a little more, for a move

For a move, as it takes time, it will be more interesting to rent a van for a day or more. It is also possible to rent for a weekend for a change of address without stress.

Weekly rental for business trips

To allow you to continue your activity even if your vehicle is broken down, the rental company can also offer you a weekly rental. This is not only more convenient and safer, but also more affordable for you than a daily rental.

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Hourly rental for a quick trip

If you are only planning a quick trip, you can also opt for an hourly rental. But in this case, you must respect a delivery time and a mileage limit imposed by your rental company.

A one-way rental is also possible

The utility rental companies in Bordeaux can also offer you a one-way rental. This is less expensive for you and avoids you having to come and go for the delivery of the utility. The service providers will come and pick up their vehicle.

A rental with driver for those who do not have the appropriate license

And you should know that you need at least a class B license to drive a commercial vehicle. This applies to both light vehicles and vans. If you do not have this category on your license, we advise you to choose the formula with driver.  

Compare the offers of the providers

To make sure that you get the best deal on your bordeaux utility rental, you should obviously not jump at the first offer that comes along. It is important to compare the different car rental companies' offers. There are a few details that matter, especially when you have to play with the competition.

Renting a van, yes, but at what price?

The rates for renting a van vary according to the formula you choose and the type of vehicle. For a day's rental, you will have to pay an average of 40 to 60 euros.

The different charges you have to pay in addition to the rental price

In addition to the rental price, you will have to pay some charges, such as fuel or electric charging for the van in question. In addition, as part of the terms of a vehicle rental, the rental companies require that you return the cars in the same condition as you got them, i.e. clean and full.

The importance of the choice of the possible utility

Also, choose your rental company according to the size of its fleet. The more choice you have, the better. However, this type of service provider is now beginning to suffer from their success. Also, if you don't plan ahead, you may end up making a default choice.

Ease of access to benefits

Finally, the best utility rental company in Bordeaux is the one that will be easily accessible. Nowadays, this kind of provider also offers its services on the Net. In a few clicks, you will get a quote for your rental and could choose your utility and then book.  

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