How long does a perfume last?

If perfume is one of the favorite accessories of the French, and more and more used by everyone, it is for all its advantages. It allows to highlight us, to please us, but it also has a long life. And this, whether it is in its bottle or on our skin.

The life of a perfume

A perfume is composed of alcohol and essential oil. It can therefore be stored quickly, it is not a product that expires quickly. You can therefore take your time to use it.

As long as it is unopened, it hardly degrades since it is not in contact with the air, its microbes and its humidity. Once it is opened, you have to pay attention to the date. It is said that it can be kept for 3 years. But this is an average: it depends on its composition and its environment. As for many things, it must be in a dry and dark place to have a good conservation.

The time of a perfume on the skin

It's morning, you put on perfume and hope it lasts until the afternoon appointment? With the right method, it will still smell great. Because yes, a perfume can last all day.

However, it changes throughout the day. When you put it on, it smells very strong for a few minutes. Then it dissipates and becomes discreet. After a few hours, the molecules wake up and it starts to smell again, but slightly differently than its original scent. Indeed, the scent of the perfume can vary in contact with the skin.

For a better conservation, there are precise places to apply the perfume: in the hair if they are long, on the wrists, neck and chest. All the areas of the body where you can feel the heart beating are warmer areas where the perfume diffuses more easily, and keeps the smell.

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