Why is the solitaire diamond ring more elegant?

Symbolizing eternal love, the solitaire is a reference in engagement rings. Everything about this jewel is exceptional. A precious metal ring, chiseled by a talented goldsmith. An ornament in precious stone, cut in the rules of the art by a master jeweler. With these qualities, the charm of the ring is not usurped. But it also has other assets that make it equally fascinating. 

Diamonds seduce women, and they make women seductive 

A nice diamond ring on a woman's finger intrigues, fascinates and inspires. What attracts the eye first in this jewelis its diamond ornament. In the world of jewelry, the qualifiers are not enough to describe this gem. It is the purest, the hardest and also the most expensive of all gemstones. Diamond is the only mineral in the world capable of reflecting 100 % of light that streams through it. This makes it also sparkling. 

What is beautiful is not necessarily rare, but what is rare becomes immediately exceptional. This is the case with diamonds. Its magnificence also comes from its rarity. There is a variety of diamonds even rarer, more beautiful and more expensive. It is the blue diamond. Many want to wear it, because the jewel is not given to everyone. And women who adorn themselves with such a jewel are not to be found on every street corner. 

Many men choose this quality stone to affirm their commitment, via the engagement ring. By stopping their choice on this stone of quality, it does not risk to disappoint their sweetheart. It should also be known that the diamond has a strong symbolism, that of fidelity, constancy and eternal love. It also shows the admiration and the attachment of the man for his beloved.

A refined ring for an elegant woman 

The solitaire diamond ring dresses the hand with grace. The elegance of this jewel comes from the pure line of the ring. No ostentation or unnecessary frills, the precious metal is enough to reflect elegance. You can choose yellow gold for its brilliance and warmth. You also have rose gold and its originality. There is also white gold which stands out for its versatility and its perfect marriage with diamonds. But there is nothing better than platinum to magnify the diamond. Like the latter, this metal stands the test of time. 

If you want a unique ring, there are many ways to customize your solitaire. In addition to the choice of precious metal, you can also choose the way it will be cut. It is the same for the diamond, there are several shapes of size as beautiful as each other: heart, round, oval, pear, triangle, cushion, princess, emerald diamond ... 

Solitaire rings are timeless. They are as old as the birth of the engagement ring tradition. And they have never gone out of fashion. Nowadays, many women wear solitaire rings to enhance their outfit. Set on a white metal, the jewel goes with all outfits and styles. The solitaire diamond ring can also be combined with other rings, as is the case with the wedding band. 

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