Discovering Tanzania while preserving every bit of it

Tanzania is full of spectacular places. The hand of man has not yet distorted the natural wonders that this country contains. However, the irresponsible behavior of some tourists is causing damage to the Tanzanian environment. Here is a reminder of what should be done so that everyone can enjoy these beauties for a long time to come.

Zanzibar: the birthplace of an admirable project for the environmental cause

Known as the spice island, Zanzibar attracts tourists because of its beauty and calm. The lodges offer various activities to entertain guests during their stay. And on this stretch of land, a magnificent project has come into being. The inhabitants became aware of the importance of protecting the environment. They decided to start a program to protect nature. But not only that.

Indeed, the Chumbe project also brings in schools in order to make students aware of environmental actions. They make them realize the importance of preserving what surrounds us. In addition, trainings are provided for adults to teach others about ecology. The inhabitants take an active part in this project. The infrastructures that correspond to the project are built with natural materials. 

How to enjoy your safari while being an activist

In fact, going on safari is an ecological journey in itself. There is nothing wrong with wanting to discover nature. What is important is the behavior that the tourist shows during these trips. A trip in aircraft is essential, but waste can be avoided by sharing a car for example. Do not use one vehicle per couple for a safari in Tanzania for a few days. It is better to reserve it for a group.

Concerning the houses, there are some that are more ecological than others. The truly convinced will book in these self-contained accommodations. This means that they recycle what can be recycled, use rainwater and have their own renewable energy source. When walking, the tourist must be careful not to leave the marked paths. Waste is not to be thrown away just anywhere. Tanzania starts in the art of waste management.

Examples of ecological visits and discoveries to make in Tanzania

There are countless interesting places to visit in Tanzania. The confirmed ecologist will inevitably seek to go to places preserved from mass tourism. In these places, nature has kept its original aspect and no crowds disturb the ecosystem. Such places exist, but require a certain investment and time. Some are accessible, like visiting an organic farm.

In addition, tourists go there by bike. There are other ways to discover the country in a healthy way. The site chosen can reflect its environmental concern. For example, vacationers can choose to go on a tanzania safari in a conservation area. The Ngorongoro region, for example, is part of a program that protects the environment while ensuring the development of the local population.  

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