Vacations without programs, 100% freedom with a motorhome

You may be wondering if the motor home is the solution for your next summer vacation? Well, without hesitation, we confirm that it is the ideal means of transportation to move in this period of health crisis.

As you may have noticed, motorhomes are very popular at the moment. The reason is simple: it allows you to travel for miles and miles while remaining confined. Apart from that, it does not require you to define a schedule or precise routes and allows you to realize a honeymoon made to measure.

Leave anytime and go anywhere

The great thing about RVing is that it offers a lot of freedom and adventure. You can leave at any time and stop at any place to do whatever you want: rest, have fun, have a drink, or just relax. photos of your travelsEnjoy the landscape, visit or eat.

Then you can get back on the road and head to the destination you want. And you can even camp out in the wilderness for a new experience.

Realize unprecedented adventures

Also, remember that a motorhome is a house on wheels. It acts as a car, an accommodation and a restaurant at the same time, so you don't have to worry about where to spend the night? Where to eat?

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You can sleep in it and you can also turn it into a small kitchen to cook good home-made meals. Again, you don't have to respect specific schedules for going to sleep, waking up and having your meals. It all depends on your desires and preferences. This is true freedom!

Accepting a particular destination according to its constraints

However, be aware that there are constraints to consider in some cases destinations such as vehicle size and range, municipal regulations, tourist season and infrastructure.

If you are driving a vehicle over two meters tall, for example, you will have a hard time getting around and under height barriers. And with a heavy motorhome, you also have to be careful when driving over rough or soft ground because you may get stuck.

As far as parking is concerned, you cannot park in spaces where signs are posted that say "No parking for motor homes and vans". Note that these are easily recognizable thanks to the image of a crossed-out motor home that they carry.

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