What are the opinions on the effect of CBD on sleep?

You want to know if the CBD can help you to improve the quality of your sleep or to fall asleep more quickly? Then read our article, we will also explain the latest scientific results on the subject.

What is CBD?

CBD, you've probably heard of it by now, "CBD" is used to refer to CannabidiolCannabis, one of the molecules found in the hemp plant or Cannabis plant and which is extracted for various uses, this plant molecule is the subject of a very strict regulation in France.

CBD and its regulation in France

When we hear about CBD and the Cannabis plant, we immediately have in mind the euphoric effects that are attributed to the plant and those for which it is used. However, it is not the CBD molecule (alone) that is responsible for this euphoric and addictive effect, it is when CBD is accompanied by another molecule, THC, that this happens. It is for this reason that this second psychoactive chemical component is regulated in the CBD products. Indeed, in France, CBD sold can contain THC but it must not exceed a certain concentration (0.2 %), beyond that, it will become a psychoactive product and its sale will become illegal.

Since theCBD oil is sold and available in pharmacyMore and more people are reassured to be able to get it this way. Pharmacies generally make a point of controlling the traceability of CBD products (mainly oils) that they put on sale.

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CBD is therefore a molecule that is not psychoactive, once used, can give effects that are similar to those of THC, without addiction or withdrawal effects. It offers soothing, anti-stress and pain-relieving effects thanks to its chemical composition which interacts with specific receptors.

Is CBD effective for sleep?

CBD is said to have multiple benefits, one of which is to act on sleep and improve its quality. What often comes back to attest the effects of CBD on sleep, are generally the opinions of people taking CBD in self-medication to relieve certain disorders, these last ones take part in surveys, various researches and clinical trials that look into the subject. However, these have not yet arrived at irrefutable proof, in fact, the mechanisms of CBD in relation to possible improvements in sleep are not yet fully established. Thus, it is still difficult to know if CBD has concrete effects that act directly on the mechanisms surrounding sleep. People who turn to CBD are generally trying to alleviate conditions such as:

Is CBD effective for sleep?

  • Anxiety;
  • Depression;
  • Sleep apnea
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder.

People suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder note an improvement in their sleep, however this does not determine if CBD has a direct effect on sleep or if it acts on the cause of the sleep disorder, making this improvement a side effect of taking CBD. Clinical trials need to be extended, and on larger samples, to be able to give conclusive results.

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In 2014, research on CBD and insomnia was still in its infancy, it was possible to see that some synthetic cannabinoids had a short-term beneficial effect on sleep apnea, CBD would also reduce nightmares associated with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Only a continuation and a further research will give clear explanations and determine at what level CBD acts. The studies and clinical trials still have difficulty in framing the objectivity and subjectivity of the results.

New studies are being done on people diagnosed with insomnia are being carried out, they will allow to know more about the subject. Anxiety and insomnia being closely linked, CBD (which shows effects on anxiety) could be used to treat sleep disorders related to this type of disorder.

Sleep disorders

Before heading to the use of CBDIf you are not getting enough sleep, you should examine your habits and lifestyle and consult your doctor for a more precise diagnosis. The lack of sleep has serious repercussions on the daily life of the person. So, before taking CBD, ask yourself if your sleep problems are not related to sleep apnea or noise pollution that prevents you from resting properly, if so, it may be time to review the insulation of your walls. Also see if you are not drinking too much coffee, and if you have a healthy lifestyle.

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